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For decade, Werner  Sahlender GmbH is established as a specialized supplier and service provider for on-demand delivery of high-quality products and components in the market. For this reason, we rely not only on the competence of our employees, but also work with a modern network of international sourcing experts all over the world. We see ourselves as the "extended arm" of our clients and take all the necessary tasks, so that our   customers   can focus on their  main  business.


Our main range of products consists of cast iron. Here we are not only using the different casting qualities   (e.g., grey cast iron, ductile iron, investment casting, etc.), but also using the modern techniques and methods for the finished surface.


Another attractive area is the mold construction which will be cost-efficiently made by our chosen factory based on customers official order. Here the price advantages compared to European manufacture are immensely.

Werner Sahlender GmbH | Haferwende 37 | 28357 Bremen | Tel.: +49 (0)421 340166 | Fax: +49 (0)421 3401677 | E-Mail: office@wsahlender.de