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The Werner Sahlender GmbH was registered on 02.01.1933 in the commercial register of the district court of Bremen.   The branch of business was „Import Export“.


On the first of November 1955, the founder sold the company to the merchant Fritz Knoop. At that time, the company´s address in Bremen was Schiller Street 10.


The focus of business activities was the so-called "trade in goods of all kinds" and the trading partners were mainly South American companies. At that time the company Sahlender was a well-recognized representative of German export companies in the South American market.


On 26th of February 1987, the company was sold to the merchant, Karl-Heinz Gutjahr. The company’s address was given as Park Street 101, Bremen.


10 years later, the current company owner Holger Schmidt took over the company on the first of April, 1997.


Currently, the Werner Sahlender GmbH is still regarded as an international trading house. The company has positioned itself very well internationally with an attractive and flexible mix of productions, innovations and commercial activities in Europe and Asia.

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Werner Sahlender GmbH | Haferwende 37 | 28357 Bremen | Tel.: +49 (0)421 340166 | Fax: +49 (0)421 3401677 | E-Mail: office@wsahlender.de